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Korean ISOV beauty care

As an advocate and practitioner of “rational skin care”, SorexISOV focuses on repairing problematic skin and extracting pure natural elements, combining innovative technology and medical beauty equipment to create different series of products for different skin types.

R&D Concept

Starting from consumers’ skin appeals, we pursue essential skin care effects with a simple attitude.

SorexISOV upholds the original intention of “safe skin care”, starting from consumers’ skin demands, pursuing essential skin care effects with a simple attitude, simplifying healthy formulas without redundant additions, and striving to impress the skin with healthy ingredients.

Avoid any redundant artificial processing of raw materials during the production process and try to retain the active ingredients and natural aroma of raw materials as much as possible

Brand Product Line

At present, it has completed 220 product certifications including China NMPA (formerly CFDA), Vietnam DAV, Russia EAC, EU CPNP and Dubai Food and Drug Administration certification.

ISOV Product Architecture

Focus On Product Innovation And Research

 Compared with ordinary skin care products that can only protect and regulate, ISOV medical-grade skin care products can quickly take effect and achieve anti-aging, whitening and other effects on the skin

Real shot of treatment

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