Facial Rejuvenation Treatment

Facial Rejuvenation Treatment

Korea Cell Light

Photon skin rejuvenation brands emerge in endlessly: Xingyao photon, dpl, bb light, CC light, queen photon and so on. Until today’s Korean cell light, the latest photon skin rejuvenation treatment concept, the latest clinical operation standards. It is praised by the masses of users as: cell light super photon.

Korean cell light function

The clinical research of cell light practice found that the 950nm cut-off band has a narrower spectrum and less pain. Because there are fewer water absorption peaks in the 950nm cut-off band, the absorption of water molecules is reduced, reducing water evaporation, faster recovery after surgery, and no dry skin. No breakouts.

Cell light belongs to strong light (photon) intercepted spectrum wavelength range: 400-1200nm wide spectrum Because of the wide spectrum wavelength range, it covers more target tissues such as: multiple absorption peaks of melanin, hemoglobin, water, etc. Selective photothermal action is carried out, and cell light is targeted at the precise treatment of various target tissues, 9 kinds of filters are intercepted, and 2 kinds of small spot adapters are developed for small local spots and acne enhancement operations.



Circular spot

Specialized in the operation of lips, eyes and other parts, such as: dark lips, freckles around the eyes

Square spot

specialize in forehead, upper lip, nose and other parts, such as: forehead sunburn, acne, freckles, sunburn, blackheads on the bridge of the nose, and lip hair on the upper lip

Features of Korean Cell Light

High security

Because of the rich cases and high user evaluation, Korean Cell Light has almost no complications after surgery. It can be used for makeup, washable, skin care, and does not affect normal life.

Wide range of functions

Cell light is based on the original upgrade of photon skin rejuvenation, so it also belongs to the broad spectrum 400-1400nm, and its spectrum covers a variety of target tissues, among which the multiple absorption peaks of melanin, hemoglobin, and water are the main target tissues for our treatment.

Korea Cell Light - Tachyon

Dot matrix technology

The Korean cell light uses a honeycomb filter, which blocks a small part of the light in a dot matrix, avoids local heat concentration at the treatment site, speeds up the heat metabolism of the skin, and reduces skin inflammation.

Double filtering

Korean cell light adopts double filtering technology, that is, it first intercepts a wide range of available color light (400-1400nm) on the main crystal, and then intercepts precise bands on each filter. Double guarantees that the filter is pure and free of ultraviolet radiation, and it is truly safe and efficient.

Nine-band precision therapy

Korean cell light matching nine gem filters, gem thickness (mm), longer filtering distance, more pure nine filters intercept different spectra, according to different skin problems, matching different filters for targeted and precise treatment.

Spot Adapter

On the basis of nine bands, South Korea Cell Light develops an embedded spot light head, square (10x10mm) circular spot & 7mm. Point-to-point solutions to skin blemishes, acne and redness.

Magnetic gem filter

The filter adopts external embedded magnetic suction technology, which is convenient for filter replacement and disassembly, and convenient disinfection and cleaning. In addition, the magnetic suction technology makes there is no air between the base gemstone and the filter gemstone, perfect light guide energy, and lossless output.

Permanent Fat Reduction

Permanently reduce stubborn pockets of fat in a safe, non-invasive comfortable way. 

Layered anti-aging

Reproduce youthful skin age,Collagen regeneration, fascia tightening and contour firming


During the transmission of ultrasonic waves to the body, they are absorbed by the epidermis and dermis, and the absorbed ultrasonic waves are converted into heat. The thermal effect of ultrasonic waves makes the temperature of biological tissues rise slightly (0.5-1C) to promote the function of capillaries and the flow of intercellular lymph fluid. Flow helps transport nutrients needed by cells to capillaries and promotes metabolism.

In the parts without capillaries close to the surface of the skin, lymph fluid replaces blood flow, which can help the flow of lymph fluid to renew the rough skin and promote metabolism.

The use of focused ultrasound, RF technology + pulse vibration technology plays a role at different levels, combined with the structural anti-aging of the face, it is suitable for general skin management and anti-aging.

Layered anti-aging beauty instrument

In Melbourne, we have advanced layered anti-aging beauty equipment, firming and anti-aging can be done in one machine

Negative plate

The temperature is 55°~minus 15°, rejuvenating collagen, calming and repairing the skin

ULT ultrasonic handle (3.0MM)

Promote metabolism Can penetrate to the subcutaneous 30MM can help the flow of lymph fluid to rejuvenate the rough skin and promote metabolism.

ULT ultrasonic handle (4.5MM)

Promote metabolism Can penetrate to 45MM under the skin, can help the flow of lymph, rejuvenate the rough skin, and promote metabolism.

RF monopolar radio frequency handle

Relieve eye fatigue, eliminate eye edema, dilute dark circles, improve eye bags, enhance collagen fiber elasticity of orbicularis oculi muscle, wrinkle removal and lifting

Three pole radio frequency handle

The rapidly proliferating collagen can quickly replenish the wrinkled parts formed due to the lack of collagen, so that the tightened skin can be firmly repositioned on the collagen scaffold to achieve the purpose of lifting the face

Permanent Fat Reduction

Permanently reduce stubborn pockets of fat in a safe, non-invasive comfortable way. 

Korean ISOV beauty care

As an advocate and practitioner of “rational skin care”, SorexISOV focuses on repairing problematic skin and extracting pure natural elements, combining innovative technology and medical beauty equipment to create different series of products for different skin types.

R&D Concept

Starting from consumers’ skin appeals, we pursue essential skin care effects with a simple attitude.

SorexISOV upholds the original intention of “safe skin care”, starting from consumers’ skin demands, pursuing essential skin care effects with a simple attitude, simplifying healthy formulas without redundant additions, and striving to impress the skin with healthy ingredients.

Avoid any redundant artificial processing of raw materials during the production process and try to retain the active ingredients and natural aroma of raw materials as much as possible

Brand Product Line

At present, it has completed 220 product certifications including China NMPA (formerly CFDA), Vietnam DAV, Russia EAC, EU CPNP and Dubai Food and Drug Administration certification.

ISOV Product Architecture

Focus On Product Innovation And Research

Based on the theory of bionics, the principle of pharmaceutical transdermal drug delivery system is applied to the field of skin care, non-invasively breaking through the barrier between the stratum corneum and the epidermis of 0.1 mm, and at the same time sending hydrophilic and lipophilic ingredients into the dermis. Therefore, Compared with ordinary skin care products that can only protect and regulate, ISOV medical-grade skin care products can quickly take effect and achieve anti-aging, whitening and other effects on the skin

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