DPL Photo Rejuvenation Treatment

Using a dot matrix strong pulse light (FPL) photon instrument plus sapphire filter treatment head, through honeycomb transient technology, the moment matrix outputs point energy, accurately targeting skin problems, and the strong pulse light can directly reach the dermis layer to cause photothermal reaction, which can disperse spots in the form of melanocytes. Solve the red marks caused by the expansion of microfilament blood vessels, reddish skin, collagen loss and stimulate collagen self-growth.

Korean cell light function

The clinical research of cell light practice found that the 950nm cut-off band has a narrower spectrum and less pain. Because there are fewer water absorption peaks in the 950nm cut-off band, the absorption of water molecules is reduced, reducing water evaporation, faster recovery after surgery, and no dry skin. No breakouts.

Cell light belongs to strong light (photon) intercepted spectrum wavelength range: 400-1200nm wide spectrum Because of the wide spectrum wavelength range, it covers more target tissues such as: multiple absorption peaks of melanin, hemoglobin, water, etc. Selective photothermal action is carried out, and cell light is targeted at the precise treatment of various target tissues, 9 kinds of filters are intercepted, and 2 kinds of small spot adapters are developed for small local spots and acne enhancement operations.



Circular spot

Specialized in the operation of lips, eyes and other parts, such as: dark lips, freckles around the eyes

Square spot

specialize in forehead, upper lip, nose and other parts, such as: forehead sunburn, acne, freckles, sunburn, blackheads on the bridge of the nose, and lip hair on the upper lip

Features of Korean Cell Light

High security

Because of the rich cases and high user evaluation, Korean Cell Light has almost no complications after surgery. It can be used for makeup, washable, skin care, and does not affect normal life.

Wide range of functions

Cell light is based on the original upgrade of photon skin rejuvenation, so it also belongs to the broad spectrum 400-1400nm, and its spectrum covers a variety of target tissues, among which the multiple absorption peaks of melanin, hemoglobin, and water are the main target tissues for our treatment.

DPL Photo Skin Rejuvenation

Korea Cell Light Technology

Dot matrix technology

The Korean cell light uses a honeycomb filter, which blocks a small part of the light in a dot matrix, avoids local heat concentration at the treatment site, speeds up the heat metabolism of the skin, and reduces skin inflammation.

Double filtering

Korean cell light adopts double filtering technology, that is, it first intercepts a wide range of available color light (400-1400nm) on the main crystal, and then intercepts precise bands on each filter. Double guarantees that the filter is pure and free of ultraviolet radiation, and it is truly safe and efficient.

Nine-band precision therapy

Korean cell light matching nine gem filters, gem thickness (mm), longer filtering distance, more pure nine filters intercept different spectra, according to different skin problems, matching different filters for targeted and precise treatment.

Spot Adapter

On the basis of nine bands, South Korea Cell Light develops an embedded spot light head, square (10x10mm) circular spot & 7mm. Point-to-point solutions to skin blemishes, acne and redness.

Magnetic gem filter

The filter adopts external embedded magnetic suction technology, which is convenient for filter replacement and disassembly, and convenient disinfection and cleaning. In addition, the magnetic suction technology makes there is no air between the base gemstone and the filter gemstone, perfect light guide energy, and lossless output.

Before and after comparison chart