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Unveiling the Magic of Mesotherapy: The Revolutionary Micro-needle Therapy

Unveiling the Magic of Mesotherapy: The Revolutionary Micro-needle Therapy

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With time, many skin care enthusiasts all over the world have now opted for Mesotherapy, which is an advanced treatment that has rocked the beauty industry. One of the most effective solutions for different skin problems is Micro-needle Therapy System (MTS) or Mesotherapy. How about we begin our discussion on Mesotherapy and discover the revolutionary effects of MTS Micro-needle therapy?

What is Mesotherapy?

It is a minimally invasive cosmetic treatment or French rejuvenation technique whereby small quantities of several substances, including limited only to vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, are injected into the middle layer of the skin. Micro-needling stimulates the surface of the skin and generates more than 200,000 mini-channels within seconds or minutes. However, this uncommon tactic enables active components to go through the surface of the skin more successfully than cosmetic surgery using lasers or injectable fillers.

MTS Micro-needle Therapy

Wounds have a natural healing, and MTS assists in recovery and does not lead to skin hardening or cell shrinkage. Likewise, its dense design makes it stand out from products in the marketplace. It can be used for the purpose of wrinkle removal, skin whitening, skin repair, and scar removal.

The Science behind MTS Micro-needle Therapy

The heart of Nano pore technology comprises its own Nano-needles, which are even smaller than pores. Combining these unique characteristic and high-efficiency biological factors enables direct delivery of nutrients to the bottom part of the skin cells, therefore enhancing absorption and metabolism.

Apart from helping to grow collagen, MTS also stimulates the skin’s natural nutrition and collagen regeneration. The uniform pore and acceptable pressure that is applied by the MTS allow your skin to absorb all the necessary ingredients and provide complete treatment results that are long-term.

The MTS stock solution contains various bioactive compounds that increase cellular immunity and decrease the skin aging rate. MTS has personalized medicines depending on individual skin and provides targeted treatments that restore facial freshness by preserving face healthiness.

Features of MTS Micro-needle Therapy

Mesotherapy with MTS Micro-needle is an innovative skincare approach that utilizes natural processes and the latest technology to achieve incredible changes. Some key characteristics of this application include.

A. Natural Healing Processes

MTS uses the body’s natural healing process to heal itself without causing damage to the skin. MTS is more powerful and produces better results than most other treatments that do not lead to skin hardening and cell shrinking.

B. Mechanism of Tiny Pores

In just about five minutes, it creates more than 200.000 mini-pores, and this enables active ingredients to reach a lot of depths. Purify the skin and remove excess cutin clogging pores for clear and healthy facial skin. Many people prefer MTS because its side effects are less compared to others.

C. Minimum Side Effects and Easy Post-treatment Care

Low side effects count among the significant features of METS. After a micro needle therapy, people are allowed to spend time out of doors, even for sunbathing, but with sunscreen. MTS’s simplicity in its aftercare treatment also enhances it.

D. Uniqueness of MTS Design and Its Unmatched Density

The uniqueness of MTS’s design makes its product stand out. The solution has been developed to ensure it is dense enough to create these micro-channels, thereby enabling its active components to penetrate the skin. The MTS micro needle therapy is unparalleled in its design.

In essence, it is a testimony that modern skincare innovations are in tune with the needs of the contemporary world.

Who Benefits from MTS Micro needle Therapy?

MTS Micro needle therapy is a highly applicable solution that accommodates different skin types and problems with personalized results. It is a wide-ranging treatment that targets many people with specific challenges to their healthy skin.

Oily Skin, Large Pores, and Thick Cuticles

MTS can be of help to people who have problems like oily skin, larger pores, and rigid cuticles. Through this process, dead cells and extra cicatrix are removed from the skin for healthy and clean skin.

Dull Complexion, Fatigue, and Edema

MTS tackles such issues as a dry and dull complexion, fainting, and edema. It works by oxygenating or pumping up the blood in order to improve one’s blood circulation, hence giving life to dead-looking skin.

Mature, Sagging, Dehydrated, and Wrinkled Skin

In the process, mature skin with signs of sagging, dehydration, as well as wrinkles finds its rejuvenating ally in MTS micro needle therapy. It supports skin autophagy, antioxidant effects, and miniaturization for a younger look.

Hence, this MTS Micro needle Therapy is a holistic treatment suitable for different kinds of skin problems among various age groups. Therefore, it gives individualized revival care and the most effective skin health.

Roles of MTS Micro needle Therapy

In contrast, MTS Micro needle therapy transcends typical skincare procedures that have several functions promoting healthy and vibrant skin. MTS’s distinctive qualities make it effective against multiple skin problems.

Preservation of Skin Structure Integrity

Micro needles or MTS differs from some invasive methods in this sense. It uses micro-channels at an advanced level, which does not injure skin tissue for efficiency and safety.

Deep Skin Detoxification and Waste Removal

In each MTS micro-channel formed, the skin’s self-heal, protective, and reject abilities are also stimulated. This is an exfoliation procedure that helps to eliminate toxic substances and wastes accumulated from deep within the skin, thus leaving a feel of clean and translucent skin.

Enhancement of Skin’s Self-healing Ability and Metabolism

The skin metabolism is critical for keeping oneself young. MTS helps improve the skin’s regenerative capacity of skin while supporting normal metabolism. This contributes towards the reduction of skin problems such as dryness, wrinkles, and other blemishes due to abnormal metabolic functioning.

Anti-wrinkle, Lifting, Whitening, and Anti-aging Effects

Skin metabolism is promoted as a part of this process, which leads to the renewal of basal cells that provide the movement force for such actions as anti-wrinkle, lifting, whitening, & anti-aging. The effectiveness of this system is ensured by uniform and delicate pores produced using MTS.

Direct Nutrient Access through Micro-channels

MTS creates micro-channels where nutrients can pass the base layer without being trapped by traditional skincare products that usually remain on the skin’s surface. Combined together with massage and post-surgical care, this leads to maximum expectation of benefits subsequent to several treatments.

Procedure and Application of MTS Micro needle Therapy

A step-by-step guide to the MTS procedure

1. Pre-operative Preparations and Cleansing

For comparison, take pictures of it before MTS and make sure that the face is clean. A large jute cover is covered with plastic wrap and left on for 30–40 min prior to application.

2. Application of Specialized Covers and Anesthetic

Clear up the anesthesia using a saline cotton swab as one prepares for the skin MTS procedure. Skin sensitivity determines the type of needle (0.25mm-1.00mm) and the operating period.

3. MTS Operation Duration and Sensitivity Considerations

In addition, sensitive skin only needs an average of ten minutes, whilst non-sensitive skin only needs an average of twenty minutes. Effective as this process is, an hour lunch break beauty treatment in MTS becomes viable.

4. Post-operation Mask, Medical Nano Phototherapy, and Aftercare

After the operation, apply a repair mask and use medical Nano phototherapy. Following that, for 10-15 minutes, remove the mask, use a regeneration cream, and ensure that sunscreen is applied correctly during aftercare.

What are the Benefits of MTS?

There are many advantages to using MTS or a micro needle therapy system. That’s why it is considered one of the most effective, safe, and fast skin care treatments. It is especially appealing because of its ability to provide radiant skin in a short amount of time that can fit within a quick lunch break treatment. It is an innovative way of dealing with any skincare requirements in a convenient manner that one can actually realize results as expected. Incorporating MTS allows safety, ease, as well as quick healing without surgical interventions.

How Long Does Mesotherapy Last?
However, these outcomes may persist for different periods depending on other aspects, such as the type of procedure, personal reaction towards these procedures, and the particular place being targeted. Here are some general considerations regarding the duration of Mesotherapy effects:

Immediate and Short-Term Effects: In addition, certain people may see instant changes in the skin’s appearance. For example, hydration might improve slightly while the skin glows somewhat subtly. Such effects are generally temporary, lasting from several days to a couple of weeks.

Cumulative and Long-Term Effects: The course of Mesotherapy is usually prescribed in several courses for prolonged effect. With several sessions carried weeks apart, these effects will be more recognizable and long-term.

Maintenance Sessions: However, a few sessions may be necessary to maintain the results of Mesotherapy. However, the frequency of their occurrence varies, and it may be a few once in a month up to six monthly or yearly.

Individual Variability: Mesotherapy results last for different lengths of time, depending on each individual’s body. Skin type, age, lifestyle, and even the particular formula applied during the procedure could contribute to the duration of the results.

Area of Treatment: Results may persist for a different number of days, depending on the site that has been subjected to the operation. Thus, for instance, in the case of facial Mesotherapy, there may be cases when the effects last longer than in the treatment of cellulite reduction.

You need to engage a competent healthcare expert and an aesthetician to advise you on the specific goals and timeframe it will take for the effects to last in relation to your particular case.


To sum up, Mesotherapy with MTS Micro needle Therapy is indeed a new way of skin care. It encompasses everything, including the MTS’s natural healing processes, Nano needle technology as well as targeted roles for various skin types. In conclusion, bear in mind the life transformation possibilities of MTS micro needle remedy in relation to your skincare mission. Try out this new therapy and be on your way to radiantly young-looking skin. Mesotherapy with MTS gives you beauty, innovation, and care for your skin!

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