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Reduces Chronic Body Pain


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ONDULA Core heat achieves obvious, immediate andlasting. His cell language re educated and trained the body

Using “cell core heat” therapy, through high-frequency energy with a wavelength of 500KHz, the body’s basal body temperature can be safely increased. Different from the conduction of heat sources outside the body, it makes the heat source stand up from the inside of our body and directly accelerates metabolism: fully starting from the core of the body cells Heating can improve physical fitness, enhance immunity, burn fat, and have qualitative changes in the whole body.

Core Technology

The energy is transmitted through the body tissue between different electrodes and the biological heat is emitted between the electrodes, which is converted into heat energy. This is called radio frequency, which is what we often call radio frequency, and the overall body temperature rises. The difference between the management method and other hyperthermia treatments is that the heat emitted by the cells is transmitted from the inside to the outside, deep into the visceral fat! The heat emitted by the cells is transmitted from the inside to the outside. It can be understood that the device does not generate heat by itself. It is the heat emitted from the inside of the cell after the cell itself generates movement at a specific frequency of 500KHZ given by the device. Just like the thermal effect of our cells after exercise!

Using ultra-high frequency combined with the exclusive technology of “fine running core heat”. Make human cells rub and rotate each other to achieve the purpose of physical heating. Technology creates a fever environment that is safe for the human body. Act directly on the body’s temperature regulation center. Thermal energy penetrates the body system through all layers. Therefore, compared with ordinary radio frequency instruments. After core heat therapy, the body remains warm.


CORE HEAT therapy is 100% safe, non-invasive, and has zero downtime.

CORE HEAT technical advantages

Avoiding the “skin effect” of ordinary radio frequency technology, CORE HEAT can penetrate the entire human body and finally produce a deep heating effect

Why choose BM CORE HEAT Deep Care treatment?

Pre & Post Surgery

To those who are preparing for surgery or just completed a surgery, CORE HEAT therapy helps to prepare the tissue while reducing any bleeding or post-surgery edemas and hematomas.


Improve and fasten your recovery process with CORE HEAT therapy. Whether you have chronic low back pain or osteoarthritis, CORE HEAT reduces the pain and improves strength to enable faster healing.


These CORE HEAT therapy are generally used for athletes and sports enthusiasts. After a few sessions, patients are able to view visible results and improve their quality of life.


Reduce cellulite with CORE HEAT therapy which activates the collagen, fibroblasts, and elastin of the cells.

Sports Physio

The radiofrequency used for CORE HEAT therapy will help to repair the tissue and speed up the healing process for sports injuries.

Pelvic Health

CORE HEAT therapy help to improve the blood flow, prevent pain and relax the muscle tissue to improve the pelvic muscles.