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Deep Skin Tightening & Lifting Treatment

Generate heat deep into the skin’s dermis and sub-dermal layer to increase circulation and encourage the production of collagen


What is an CORE HEAT Treatment Therapy?

Core heat therapy is the process of using modern medical equipment to increase the internal temperature of the face, neck, eye tissue, also known as radio frequency therapy. Through core heat therapy, it will increase the energy of cells by promoting positive and negative ions in cells to maintain the health of cells.

Using “Cell Core Heat” therapy, through high-frequency energy with a wavelength of 500KHz, it can safely increase the temperature of the basic face, neck and eyes. Different from heat conduction outside the body, it allows the heat source to stand up from the inside of our face, neck, and eyes, and directly accelerates metabolism: fully heating from the core of the face, neck, and eye cells can improve the skin, enhance immunity, and improve the appearance of the face, neck, and eyes. 


As time passes, wrinkles and folds appear due to ageing. Win the battle against aging with this non-invasive treatment that tightens, lifts and stimulates collagen production with no downtime, and see immediate results!

Utilising Proionic Technology, the CORE HEAT Facial Treatment generates heat deep into the skin’s dermis and sub-dermal layer to increase circulation and encourage the production of collagen.


Within 1 Session:

With Continued Treatment:


Facial Anti-Aging Study Conclusion

Firming eyes

Tightening eye skin; improving dark circles; improving crow’s feet; eliminating pouch edema.

Neck anti-aging

Enhance neck muscle strength, promote blood circulation; make epidermal cells full of vitality; optimize neck lines to create a swan neck.

Face. Eyes. Neck. 360-degree all-round firming and lifting

Deeply accelerate the circulation of lymphatic tissue and thyroid tissue in the face and neck, improve dullness;Improve dark circles and bags under the eyes, tighten cheeks and lower jaw, the thermal superposition effect can effectively enhance the contour of the jaw, and tighten the double chin;Superficial solution to various types of wrinkles: nasolabial folds, puppet lines, crow’s feet, forehead lines, neck lines,Studies have found that 41-42 degrees is the most suitable temperature for collagen production At the same time, it can also act on the eyeball, relieve intraocular pressure, double superimposed effect.

  • Effectively go deep into the deep part of the skin to improve the depth of the periosteum layer by layer
  • By increasing cell activity and repairing the skin
  • Feel the changes in facial skin and contour complexion from the inside out Enhance skin penetration and luster

CORE HEAT Treatment Therapy

The difference between this management method and other high-temperature fever treatments is that the heat emitted by the cells is conducted from the inside to the outside, and penetrates into the face, neck and eyes, which can generate heat energy between the cells, thereby restoring and accelerating the metabolism of the cells in the body, making the blocked blood Or the lymph becomes unobstructed, clears out the accumulation of aging substances, restores the elasticity of the stiff and loose facial skin, and reproduces the brilliance of the face. The device itself does not generate heat. It is a device that provides a specific frequency of 500KHZ to cells. After the cells themselves exercise, the heat emitted inside the cells is just like the thermal effect emitted by the cells after we exercise!

Using ultra-high frequency combined with “cell core heating” exclusive technology. Make the cells interact and rotate to achieve the purpose of physical heating.


CORE HEAT therapy is 100% safe, non-invasive, and has zero downtime.

CORE HEAT Deep Beauty method stimulates the tissue with a triple action:

Proionic action

Ions and micro particles that have vital functions in the metabolism of cells are mobilized and rebalanced.


A thermal action that increases capillary circulation and oxygenates the tissues to drain and eliminate impurities.


Increases the elasticity, reduces fibrosis and improves the cell metabolism.


Why choose BM CORE HEAT Deep Care treatment?


Our anti-aging CORE HEAT therapy will tighten and soften the skin by activating the collagen, fibroblasts, and elastin in the cells of our body. Due to the fact that it doesn’t damage the skin, users aren’t required to go through any recovery time after the treatment.

Skin Tightening

The CORE HEAT therapy helps to balance the overall function of the cell in the face’s tissue while reducing the overall size of the pre-adipocytes. Thus, tightening and softening the skin.

Pre & Post Surgery

To those who are preparing for surgery or just completed a surgery, CORE HEAT therapy helps to prepare the tissue while reducing any bleeding or post-surgery edemas and hematomas.


These CORE HEAT therapy are generally used for athletes and sports enthusiasts. After a few sessions, patients are able to view visible results and improve their quality of life.